Our Cornhole Workshop

This is a quick photo tour of our workspace accompanied with descriptions of what typically goes on. This is just to help give you a better idea of how we do things. We hope you enjoy and appreciate the dedication and pride we put into everything about derricksmash.com!

The building process starts with the production of a large batch of cornhole sets. This picture doesn’t do much glory for our workspace because at this point, the whole space is consumed with freshly built cornhole sets. Once they are all built and sanded, we begin the process of turning them into Basic Cornhole Sets.

We prime the faces of the cornhole boards twice and then apply two coats of high quality white semi-gloss paint. We lean all of the cornhole boards on anything and everything we could possibly imagine inside the workshop.

The cornhole boards are all Basic Sets at this point. They are then relocated so that they aren’t in the way. We are now left with a workspace laid out and dedicated to the customization of cornhole boards.

The wood-topped table you see here is a utility table – we use it to draft and cut stencils, assemble legs, sharpen tools, etc. The table you see in the bottom left is the customization table – the painting of sides, the taping and laying out of design and logos, etc, all take place here. The station you see in the top left is where we do the clearcoating: the cornhole boards are elevated and poly clearcoating is applied.

Clearcoating one cornhole set at a time in a specific area high in the air assures that the clearcoat stays dustfree – this is important because we are almost always working on something that creates sawdust while they are drying. In the far corner, beside the stack of shipping boxes, are our table saws. When we need to use these saws, we take take them outside because using them inside the workshop would result in a dusty disaster.

Here are the utility and customization tables, our drill press, pneumatic tool setup, overhead high-wattage lighting system and the divider/curtain on the right. The divider/curtain, when opened, isolates the customization table from the other side of the garage in case we are over there making a mess. It takes good tools and an even better setup to make a top-quality product.

This photo was taken standing in the clearcoat station mentioned earlier. On the left side, a couple cornhole sets await customization and clearcoating. You can again see our industrial drill press and huge fan. The stack of milk crates is where we store the necessary color selection of spray paint for borders and logos of custom cornhole orders – they are stored in milk crates for ease of transport. The back shelves are where we keep all the tools – pens, tape measures, rulers, sanders, drills, hardware, etc.

In the bottom right, you can notice the shine coming off of a freshly clearcoated cornhole set. The focal points in this picture are refrigerator, the red tool box, the sliding curtain, and the propane powered vented heater unit. The heater keeps the workshop warm in winter time but more importantly, it controls humidity levels in summer to sustain lumber quality and ensure smooth paint finishes. This photo also shows you what the customization table looks like – it’s basically a desk, with a computer chair and all.

This photo shows you the final corner of our workspace. The lumber rack is where we keep our inventory of 2x4s and 1x4s. Our miter saw also resides in this corner. We keep it close to the wood and also close to a door. It emits tons of dust that we vent outside as opposed to letting it spit sawdust onto some drying cornhole boards.

Well, that’s a quick tour of the workspace. Very few people have a workspace dedicated to customizing cornhole sets, and that’s why very few people can produce a custom cornhole set like derricksmash.com. The quality of our cornhole sets can’t be replicated in a back yard or driveway with cheap tools, bugs, unpredictable humidity and inconsistent temperatures. Don’t settle for anything less.

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