These testimonials are 100% authentic. The list is rapidly growing in size and we intend to keep adding to it. Have some comments that you’d like to add? Scroll to the bottom of this page!

“Opened and loved them! They seriously look AWESOME! Thanks again!”
Lauren MacDonald of Ocean, NJ – June 2013

“Thanks a ton man. You run one excellent business.”
Mark Wise of East Hampton, NY – June 2013

“Received everything and they look great. Thanks again, you’ve been a pleasure to work with.”
Bryan A of Norwell, MA – June 2013

“You are the man. Looks great, thanks very much sir!”
Sean Malone of Armagansett, NY – May 2013

“They arrived today and look great!! Thank you so much!!”
Abby Pubusky of Wilmington, DE – March 2013

“The boards arrived last Thursday and they are great. My boss loves them. We did good! Thanks so much.”
Linda Freeman of Kingwood, TX – January 2013

“Derrick did an amazing job. Customized Phillies boards for me: one the old school baby blue with a maroon “P,” the other the same old school “P” on white with maroon pinstripes. Whether we’re at games tailgating, or I bring them to a party, the are the talk of the party! So many people are jealous and come up to me asking about them. He did an amazing job and answered all my 1,000 questions. Thank you!!!!”
Ryan Hines of Quakertown, PA – January 2013

“Finally got to play with new boards this weekend and they play great. Thanks!”
Cameron Allen of Marietta, GA – December 2012

“I went and picked it up at the UPS store. Love it!!! Thanks So much!!!”
Lauren Lillis of Rochester, NY – December 2012

“Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I gave my boyfriend the set and he LOVES IT! He’s considering buying a case too 🙂 Thank you so much. We are pleased. Have a Happy Holiday!”
Courtney Spitz of West Chester, PA – December 2012

“Hey Derrick, I just had my husband open the boards and he loves them, he was so surprised. They’re so awesome, we love them and are so happy with the work you did! Thank you again, so much!”
Kathy Zappe of Hudson, FL – October 2012

“Derrick, just received the boards yesterday. Spiderman and Superman both look amazing! My boys love them. Your commitment to quality and customer service is outstanding.”
Joan of Bedford Park, IL – July 2012

“Hey Derrick, Wanted to let you know the boards arrived and are even more awesome in person, thank you so much! You are really talented!”
C. Young of Conshohocken, PA – May 2012

“I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! My husband’s birthday was yesterday and I was able to give them his cornhole set last night. He LOVES them! (I almost gave them to him early because I was so excited about them) But, I’m glad I held off because it made his birthday extra-special. I know these will be in our family for a looooong time. Again, the set is beautiful, very well-made and your customer-service was exemplary! I hope to do work with you again, but in the meantime, we’ll be sharing the good word! Take good care.”
Kelly Reymann of Hamilton, NJ – April 2012

“Derrick, I received my cornhole set. They are AMAZING! The boards were Christened at the Phillies “Home Opener”, and The Phils’ Friday the 13th game and EVERYBODY loved them! Everybody was praising the craftsmanship, detail, precision and color of my boards. We had a great time playing and you may hear from some people I know in the near future. To anybody reading this testimonial…Derrick Smash makes your ideas come to life. He is an amazing artist and gives excellent customer service along with constant contact & updates on your boards. CHEERS to my man Derrick Smash! Thank you so much!”
Mike Amato of Philadelphia, PA – April 2012

“Ordered several sets of bags (both normal and mini) and hole lights on a Tuesday. Received them two days later! DerrickSmash provides excellent and fast service!”
Curan of Winston Salem, NC – March 2012

“Thanks for the updates and YES we did receive the bags. By the way, thanks for all the updates and communication. You have gone way above what we expected or are used to.”
Chuck Snyder of Emmitsburg, MD – March 2012

“Hi Derrick, We received the boards last night. They look awesome! The only thing I regret is not asking you to sign them on the underside! No one around here has boards like these! If you are ever in Nashville give us a call and we’ll hijack a few minutes of your time to sign the boards..”
Michele Burgner of Nashville, TN – March 2012

“…just received them and they look amazing! Love the bags too! Wanted to let you know that he loves them! Just showed them to him this morning.”
Kimberly Somers of Highlands Ranch, CO – March 2012

“I was blown away by both the level of craftsmanship and artistic talent used to create these boards. The look on my dad’s face when he opened up the box was priceless. Best Christmas gift ever!”
Cali Munoz of Austin, TX – December 2011

“Great looking bags. I have ordered bags from several distributors and he is the first with this quality to offer a warranty. Pleasure doing business with.”
Tom Bluck of Yorba Linda, CA – December 2011

“Dude, opened them last night. They are fantastic. Thanks a lot. Hope to play on them this weekend if the weather is good.”
Michael O’Connell of Durham, NH – October 2011

“Yo man, got them today!!! They look awesome!!! It’s awesome man thank you so much”
Ryan Hines of Allentown, PA – August 2011

“Man the boards look awesome I opened them this morning everything turned out better than I expected. I can’t wait until my friends see them and we break them in I will definitely pass out your business cards to all my peeps and spread the word about you and your company.

Once again Great Job it was more than worth the wait for these Bad Boys. Thanks for everything.”
Brian Goring of Dover, DE – August 2011

“Everything was perfect! And everybody looooved the boards! Thank you so much for all your hard work! They are amazing! Next time I will give you more notice so you don’t have to rush!”
Ashley Tarutis of Old Greenwich, CT – August 2011

“Derrick…they arrived perfectly! We are so pleased with them. We initiated the lights the other night and people driving by were impressed. They just can’t be cool like us!! Thanks for all ur hard work!”
Amber & Dean of Hope Mills, NC – July 2011

“I received the cornhole set! They look awesome! My husband was very excited! Thanks for everything!”
Marianne Quinn of Philadelphia, PA – July 2011

“D, just opened these up, and wow — they look awesome! Very impressed, psyched to use them. You did great work — thank you”
Kenneth Vorrasi of Washington, DC – July 2011

“Fantastic job on my boards! The 2nd set I have purchased from you and the detail is amazing! Thanks again!”
Tim Fallon of Joliet, IL – July 2011

“He was really excited! Me too, we can’t wait to use them! Too bad it was raining last night, otherwise we would have been out there. Thanks so much, you were so pleasant to work with. I have your cards and will definitely try and pass them all out. Thanks again!!!”
Laura Hohm of Schaumburg, IL – March 2011

“I bought a set from Derrick, a super sweet Autobots vs. Decepticons set. I didn’t know what to expect with the quality of the logos but they are incredible. The warranty on the actual bags sets my mind at ease because my friends who have bought from other sources have had their bags split, I have yet to experience this. He even upgraded my legs to include a beer holder months later for free when I found out that was an option.”
Andy “OptimusOmega” Saarima of Chicago, IL – March 2011

“I bought a set of boards for my boyfriend for his birthday!  He was beyond excited to get them and they look AMAZING!! I know these are going to be go to gifts for our family members and friends from now on!  Can’t wait til it warms up so we can play! Thanks Derrick!”
Lucy Briski of Chicago, IL – March 2011

“As usual, the boards look INCREDIBLE!! Thanks soo much for all your hard work! You are the best!”
Brittany Schuler of Chicago, IL – January 2011

“…they are perfect, thanks so much! I had a little Superbowl party on Sunday and they were a hit!!!”
Alyssa Watral of Scottsdale, AZ – January 2011

“I am a second time buyer. This set is a gift, mine have years of life to go. All I say this time is that I got the same great service and same great quality as I did on the first. My friend is going to be pumped.”
Greg Doran of New York, NY — December 2010

“Wow! I got this set of boards for my 11th anniversary present and can;t believe the way they look!
I am almost afraid to use them because the work on these boards is phenominal. I would definitely order another set and will be passing the word along as cornhole is becoming big in this area! Great job and Thank you to my Beautiful Wife!”
Bruce Parsons of Bridgeville, DE — November 2010

“I got hooked on the game on a friends set early this summer and knew I had to have my own. After finding great reviews of Derrick’s work online, I contacted him through his site and he got back to me immediately. He got me right into his build schedule and even after dealing with his home flooding, got my boards to me on time and they are sick ones. I could not be happier with them. As luck would have it, I recently somehow nicked the paint on one of the boards. I asked Derrick if he could email me the specific paint colors he used so I could go get them to touch it up. He instead offered to go to Lowes to get some sample cans for me and ship them out to me in NY. Great product and even better customer service. You rarely get both these days. Best of luck with the business Derrick. Thanks. I will never hesitate to point people your way.”
Greg Doran of Pleasantville, NY — August 2010

“Just to add my two cents to all of the wonderful things already being said about Derrick and his products…let me just say, THEY ARE FAN-FRICKIN-TASTIC!! I was in need of a unique anniversary present and had a fairly short time-frame (or so I thought) to be working on a “custom”-anything order. I found a fabulous review of Derrick’s cornholes on cornholereviews.com and knew that I had to have a set of these asap! I contacted Derrick via the website and his response was quick, concise and very clear. He helped me figure out the perfect design and look for this cornhole set and he met all my expectations completely! He and I traded numerous emails throughout the process…he even provided me with step by step photos to keep me apprised of the progress. It was kinda like watching a baby develop, but without the icky stuff! Derrick provided me with outstanding service, a secure way to pay, a “second to none” product, and did so with enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity! If you are interested in investing in a product that will last you a lifetime and provide you with unending fun, take the leap, but don’t waste your money on cheap imitations…buy from Derricksmash.com and trust that you will never regret it!”
Patti of Milton, DE — August 2010

“We love our boards! Derrick was able to make a custom set with the colors and designs that I wanted. The boards were a suprise birthday gift for my husband and he could not be happier. The communication was fast, requests were accommodating, and a great experience with the product! Thank you and I will tell others about your work!”
Leah Bulow of Atlanta, GA — August 2010

“After buying other Cornhole sets and being totally dissatisfied by the quality, I made it my mission to find the best Cornhole boards made, which brought me to Derrick. I was totally blown away when I saw the finished product, even his bags are sweet. Don’t be fooled by others; don’t waste time and money returning them like I did. Thanks D for the easy pick-up, its cool look, and making a great product in the good ole USA. My set rocks where ever we bring it. You can use me as a reference anytime!”
Lisa Warner of Chicago, IL — July 2010

“Derrick Smash does it again! I purchased my first set from Derrick in Summer 2007. Some undesirables (I assume Ohio State fans) stole the set during a tailgate in Champaign so I had to return to the master to create a replacement — this time with full graphics. His work is nothing short of amazing and everyone begs me for info on where they can get a set just like mine. Good work, sir.”
Mike Gunderson, IL — June 2010 (This is Mike’s second testimonial)

Derrick created a custom set that my wife and I gave to our father-in-law in Green Bay. I’m coming back to Derrick for all my subsequent purchases and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a custom cornhole set that is made professionally and with the utmost care.”
Poncho Lopez of Buffalo Grove, IL — July 2010

“The boards are sweet, he loved them and we’ve been playing all day. Just what we wanted, well done. Have a good one, we’ll be buying another set in the future. Thanks Again Derrick”
Rob Peters of Amelia Island, FL — July 2010

“Derrick made a great set of boards at a reasonable price. They look awesome and seem to be able to withstand all of the torment that your average drinker might inflict on them. Derrick was very customer oriented and kept me updated through out the whole process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a quality set of boards. Plus he uses Duck cloth on the actual bags, who doesn’t want that?”
Tom P of Chicago, IL — June 2010

“Had a multi-idea household that we wanted to create boxes for and Derrick came up with a great solution for us. We had a fairly short timeline and they were done right on time. The boxes look fantastic, the art is top-notch, and most importantly, they play perfectly!”
Eric Schmidt of Glenview, IL — June 2010

“It was great meeting you last week! Thanks again for dropping off the set! My husband loves it and can’t wait to bust it out!”
Michelle of Homer Glen, IL — June 2010

“Hey just received them and they are kick ass! My husband loves it! Thanks so much. We’ll take good care of them.”
Yvette Mehta of San Carlos, CA — June 2010

“I called up Derrick 4 days before we had some friends coming into town and just gave him an idea of what we were looking for. Since we did not have much time, I left a lot of the creativity up to him, and that was a great decision.

The boards turned out absoluetely amazing and I barely had enough business cards to hand out to my buddies that were visiting. No doubt, this was the best place to buy our set. Thanks man!”
M. Kubas of Chicago, IL — June 2010

“The bags I got from Derrick were top notch quality, as was the service I was provided throughout the process. He really took the time to explain and answer all of my questions. The turnaround time from order to receipt of the product was excellent. I highly recommend anyone who loves playing bags to strongly consider Derricksmash.com. Thanks again for everything.”
Tony Wendorf of Johnson Creek, WI — June 2010

“My wife knows how much I love cornhole and how badly I have wanted my own set. So, for my 32nd birthday my she decided to surprise me with my very own custom made derricksmash boards. Derrick was extremely helpful in fully customizing the boards from the beer holders to the graffiti writing. He even suggested the color combo, which I think he may have regretted seeing it took nearly 7 coats of paint to get it right. This is by far one of the best presents ever!! I would strongly recommend Derrick to anyone looking for a set of custom made boards.”
Nic Karchon of Chicago, IL — May 2010

“I did a great deal of research on custom cornhole board sources on the web before choosing DerrickSmash.com. I’m thrilled I did! If you find a source that offers quality customer service at every turn, you’ll keep coming back. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to give repeat business to Derrick. I had a very large custom order for Derrick to tackle (12 sets, each of which had to be personalized). His attention to communicating throughout process, asking all the right questions to get the job completed to perfection, offering creative options I didn’t even consider, and delivering the boards on time, was a refreshing blast of doing business the right way. Derrick offered up visual progress reports of my job on his website, and never left me hanging in the lurch wondering how the order was coming along. Not only were the boards hand-crafted beautifully, but because I needed them individually shipped to gift recipients in different areas inside and outside the U.S., even his attention to packaging the boards to ensure safe transport was done to perfection. Great job, great service, and the end result will be a cherished gift for those that love the game!”
On Behalf of 12 Recipients All Over the U.S. and Canada:
Peggy McArdle & Nancy Crown of Hamilton, NY — May 2010

“If you all are on the fence on if you should get a set, DO IT…NOW. This set is a thing of beauty, and I couldn’t be happier with it!”
Richard of Fairmont, WV — May 2010

“…got my set today! Just gotta say the whole process was easy and simple and Derrick worked through like 5 different design sets with me. Overall the set looks way better than I imagined.
B. Goodwin of Nashua, NH — May 2010

“I couldn’t be happier with the custom cornhole set we ordered from Derrick. The quality of both the boards and the bags is fantastic. Every edge and surface of the boards is sanded perfectly smooth, and they sit level and sturdy. The paint job is meticulous and the bags slide easily on the surface just like they’re supposed to. It was a little bit more expensive than some of the other sets I saw online, but it lived up to everything that was promised on the website. Well worth it.
Derrick was really easy to work with, too. He always responded to my emails within a few hours and he finished my set within a week. I live in Chicago, so I was able to meet him to get the set in person instead of having everything shipped. There was a small mix-up with the color of some of the bags I ordered (no big deal at all), and he took care of it right away. He gave us extra bags on the spot and offered to send replacements immediately.”
Katherine Dunn of Chicago, IL — April 2010

“Hey! He finally got to see what his birthday present is…and he LOVES it!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!!!! I will definitely recommend you to others in the future. Thank you again. Everything is perfect.”
Brittney Croston of Atlanta, GA — April 2010

“To say it bluntly, Derrick Smash is the man! I am in the Air Force and first discovered Cornhole while I was deployed to the Middle East in 2005. Throughout the 100degree+ days and my deployed mission the one thing I looked forward to besides the delicious chow, was playing Cornhole at night with my fellow service men and women. Since then, I have become a recruiter and currently have about 20 fired up, motivated recruits that came up with the idea to get a care package together to send to the troops overseas to help boost morale. Through our brainstorming we all came up with the idea to have the focal point of our package be Cornhole. I got in touch with one of my buddies that is currently deployed to the same location that I was at a few years ago and he too has become an avid Cornholer. The only problem being that the sets that they are using are severely worn down. I contacted Derrick Smash and ran the scenario by him and he not only made me a custom Air Force Cornhole set for free, but sent it to me for free as well. The set looks GREAT! It far exceeds my expectations and is way better quality than one that I could’ve made. I got the set and along with some other items that myself and my recruits have gathered up, we will be sending it all to a deployed location just in time for Christmas. I can’t thank Derrick enough for his willingness to be so instrumental in helping out our troops serving overseas. I don’t know if he truly understands the impact he will soon be making on the service members putting their lives on the line day in and day out. I know from experience that anything that can help take your mind off of the stresses of being away from friends and loved ones is a blessing. Derrick Smash has proven himself to be the epitome of the Air Force’s Core Values, which are Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do. Derrick, I can’t thank you enough, and on behalf of myself and the recruits of the Air Force Recruiting office in Champaign, Illinois…THANK YOU! (Pictures coming soon!)”
SSgt Nick Altgilbers on behalf of the US Air Force — December 2009

“Yeah I got them! Thanks! I already showed him pictures of the boards…He LOVES them! Thanks again!”
Ashley Esslinger of Merrillville, IN — November 2009

“The set is freaking sweet and has gotten mad use over that last few months. I always get comments about how cool the set is and how professional it looks. The set is the best quality set that I have ever played on. Thanks again!”
Megan and Kase McDonald of Lexington, KY — November 2009

“I got the most amazing cornhole set from derricksmash! They are the envy of everyone who has seen them. I wanted something sleek and unique and that is exactly what I got (with some bonus cupholders for “refreshments”). The quality is unbeatable and they are getting plenty of use. I am going to enjoy them for years to come! Thanks Derrick!”
Amy Troutmiller of Washington, DC — November 2009

“These bags are awesome. We played twice with them and they are broken in already. The bar I picked them up at was close to work. If anyone I know needs bags or boards, I will email you. Thanks a lot. Also i may go to The Corner Bar and play bags sometime. Take care.”
Keith Halevy of Chicago, IL — October 2009

“I had an excellent experience purchasing a BAGS set from derricksmash. I requested a quote and worked out the specifications with Derrick within 1-2 days and asked for a very quick turn around on the order. Derrick went the extra mile to make it happen and had me a custom BAGS set within 3 days! In the end I came away with exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price and in a crazy timeline! I couldn’t be happier and have already recommended derricksmash to many friends to build them their desired BAGS sets. Thanks again and hope to do business again soon!”
Brett LaLonde of Chicago, IL — September 2009

“Derricksmash provided me with an awesome Cornhole set. The set was exactly what I wanted, completed ahead of my deadline and looked perfect. Derricksmash really lives up to its promise for being high-quality, professional and easy for the customer.”
David Peterson of Chicago, IL — September 2009

“Thank you for doing such an amazing job! The set was exactly what we wanted and your custom work on the boards exceeded our expectations (and we have very high expectations). We were so excited to give the set to my dad. I think it was the first time he happily accepted a gift, which says a lot. We’ve enjoyed breaking it in and look forward to using it (and showing off our sweet boards) for years to come. Thanks again!”
Susan Nowinski of Chicago, IL — August 2009

“I have gone through numerous sets of bags in the last few years. Upon arrival of my new derricksmash.com bags I knew that I have received my last set. They are commercially stitched duck cloth in colors of my choosing….what else would a seasonal tailgater need? Thanks for the fast order and shipping….highy recommended. ”
Nick Kysely of Waterford, WI — August 2009

“I wanted to thank you again for the “awesome” board set. You did such a good job on the Harley logo my husband swears it is a decal. My whole family loves them we played most of the day Saturday. Yes, Saturday in the scorching hot weather. We also handed out some of your cards so hopefully some more business will be coming your way.”
Michelle of Chicago — August 2009

“I cannot say enough about the custom-designed cornhole boards. We are beyond thriled with the final product! The boards are truly a piece of art – beautifully crafted and designed. We get comments about them all the time. Derrick is not only talented, but extremely easy to work with and very responsive. He made the entire process a smooth one and made sure we got exactly what we wanted in a limited amount of time.”
Erico Wada of Phoenix, AZ — July 2009

“I recently purchased a custom set of Cornhole boards from Derricksmash. His work was recommended to me by a co-worker. I was under a tight timeline and didn’t think there was much chance of getting this done in such a limited timeframe. However, Derricksmash pulled through for me. He was very patient and willing to work with my requests. I received the custom cornhole boards just a few days later. The craftsmanship was outstanding and the quality of work was amazing. I was extremely pleased with the amount of detail put into the painting. I would highly recommend his handy work to any and all looking for an exceptional set of Cornhole boards. To top it off the bean bags are very durable and you won’t need to carry around a sewing kit anymore!”
Tara Musser of Highlands Ranch, CO — July 2009

“On short notice, Derrick made a kick-ass set of bags that withstood many hours of play for a St Jude fundraising tournament. Great product! Wouldn’t call anyone else”
Sommer Muasher of Chicago — July 2009

“…..he loved it! He has been playing everyday. I’m a cornhole widow! Greg [his brother] is coming down tonight to play and check it out.”
Adrienne O’Brien of Chicago — July 2009

“She totally loved it. She thought we were crazy when we first pulled them out of the car – now she’s hooked.”
John VerBockel of Chicago — May 2009

“Boards are great…really happy with them. I don’t really have a cute quote for your website… sorry [haha]. I sent you a customer though…Thank you again.”
Barrett Calvert of Chicago — June 2009

“Yes she loved it. I have showed all the neighbors and we will bring it over the the shelter next week. Will make sure to tell everyone where we got it from. Thanks again.”
Stephen Craig w/ Chicago Canine Rescue — April 2009

“Derrick- Thanks again for dropping off the set and bags. It is a quality product! They were a huge success all weekend long at the cabin and it was great getting all ages involved. Thanks again for everything. We will be sure to recommend your sets to everyone.”
Curt R. of Roscoe Village, Chicago — June 2009

“…it was a smash hit, so to speak. We played on it all weekend. And the logos were a nice touch. I’ve attached a photo of us playing in their backyard.”
James B. of Chicago — May 2009

“The bags were an absolute hit! We put them out when our BBQ started at 3pm and people continued to play until 2am, which I consider a pretty phenomenal success (though I’m not sure our neighbors would agree). We told everyone at the party about your bag-making business and left your cards on the table for anyone who wanted to inquire further. Thanks again for the great new toy. Perhaps we’ll see you again at the bar one day.”
Natalie T. of Ukranian VIllage, Chicago — May 2009

“On behalf of the RCBC committee I would like to thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for being [one of] the official sponsors of this years tournament. It is people like you that let the families of St. Jude patients rest at night knowing that if need be, their financial obligations to the hospital are taken care of.”
River City Bags Classic — 2008 & 2009

“My experience with derricksmash.com was awesome. I had played on plenty of homemade sets and sets from other people with small businesses that make sets, but none have ever been regulation ACA sets. I found that I throw better on my set from derricksmash.com than on any other set. Also, Derrick handled the whole ordering process in a professional manner and worked with me to create a set that I’m totally satisfied.”
Justin Gaetano of Bucktown, Chicago — April 2009

“The boards went over well. All the parents loved them. They sold for $170.00. Some fathers who made their own were amazed…”
St Edward Grade School Auction of Chicago — March 2009

“Derrick – Thanks again for the amazing boards and bringing them over yesterday. Looking forward to playing this summer. We will be sure to pass along your name to anyone interested in a bag set! Thanks again.”
Jen M. of Chicago — March 2009

“Dear Santa Smash: Thank you so much for the awesome boards that you made for us. We’re using them for some great indoor baggin’ with the weather being so brutal and all. You Rock!! I will recommend you to everyone I can. The set is absolutely beautiful, Thanks Again”
Jonathon and the Morrison Monkeys of Niles — January 2009

“Hi Derrick. Yep, everything worked out great, he thought it was awesome. Thanks so much for all your hard work!”
Kristin S. of Chicago — February 2009

“This set is freakin awesome. She loved it man!! Thanks for doing this. Got it late last night. Love the detail. She loved the sayings on the legs. You do great work! I will send you some pix when I can get them of us tossing the bags.”
Ketul Patel of Pittsburgh, PA — August 2008

“Derrick, my parents loved the set! It was a huge success. Thanks.”
Lindsey M. of Chicago — December 2008

“The bag set is a hit. They have been getting a ton of use and look amazing.”
Brady F. of South Bend, IN — August 2008

“Everything went great and thanks again for the quick turnaround! Our relatives were impressed and my husband loves them. Hopefully, I can send more business your way in the future!”
Shelley C. of Milwaukee, WI — August 2008

“Derrick- we love the bag set you made for us. After two years of hardcore play, indoors, outdoors, summer, winter, they have really held up we’ll. It’s truly a quality product, and we couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work.”
Michael G. of Bucktown, Chicago — August 2008

“Just wanted to let you know the boards were a hit!!! He loved them. And he was very impressed with the artwork. Thanks again for meeting at Woodfield. I will definitely pass your name on to anyone looking for a great set of Corn Holes.”
Heather R. of Cary, IL — August 2008

“They look great! We’re getting good use out of them this summer! Everyone is impressed with the quality.”
Angela B. of Chicago — July 2008

“Not only appreciate the hard work, but the clear and prompt communication and method of pick-up.”
Keith M. of Crystal Lake, IL — July 2008

“Hey Derrick! Thanks so much for the AWESOME mini set. They look great and are going to be a big hit at my party tonight. This is the second set I’ve bought from you and your work continues to amaze. Well done!”
Todd of Bucktown, Chicago — July 2008

“The cornhole set is great! We used it all day at out July 4th party. It was a great hit. The bounce is great and the boards are sturdy. The bags loosened up after a few games. We love having the white coating. We started a tradition where every winner gets to sign their name.”
Shari of Lakeview, Chicago — July 2008

“I thought not only does the set look amazing but you were nothing short of fantastic to work with as well!!”
Melissa M. of Wrigleyville — June 2008

“Derrick – Great job! They look awesome and the art work is fantastic. You were great to work with – very easy process. Thanks again!!”
Derek of Bucktown, Chicago — July 2008

“Derrick was so easy to work with, i just sent him pictures via email and he ran with it. I was very pleased with the finished product. I have already reccomended him to several of my friends.”
Laura S. of Omaha, NE — June 2008

“I can tell you, with no bullshitting or brown-nosing for your web site’s sake, that your board was a smashing hit. My dad loved the gift, and we played four games yesterday (well into the night). The logos you painted were sharp, and it handled beautifully. Even though I don’t play bags often, myself, the day before I played a couple games on one of those plastic sets you can buy at the store, and it’s like going from rural Uzbekistan to downtown Chicago. Thanks again!”
Mark F. of Chicago — June 2008

“Derrick, Best boards I’ve ever seen made! Good quality board and great quality material!! I couldn’t have imaged it getting any better than this!! Keep up the great work!! I’ll send anybody I know looking for a set to you!!”
Johan of Des Plaines, IL — May 2008

“Hey Derrick…I’ve meant to let you know that we received it and LOVE it. It already saw a lot of action last night as we were outside playing and every neighbor that walked by stopped to play. Everything got here just fine. Thanks again for the time, effort, and creativity you put into the boards.”
Beth C. of Hudson, WI — May 2008

“Yes! I got them. It was a very busy weekend. I love them & they were a great hit”
Darlene E. of Indianapolis, IN — May 2008

“They’re great. Top Notch.”
Joe B. of Chicago, IL — May 2008

“The hand painted design is perfect for my country club’s logo. It looks unique and personally customized – exactly why I went with you.”
Tom of Elmhurst, IL — April 2008

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you working with us on such short notice. We were very happy with the job done…they looked sharp, neat and plumb. The party we had would have been so-so without all the cornholing.”
Fran of Evanston, IL — May 2008

“Actually got them just in time! My family loved the game, hopefully some of them order.”
Jennifer R. of St. Louis, Missouri — March 2008

“Derrick: You have a perfect and professional business model for your little company. I can only say to others that they will not be disappointed. E-mail response times weren’t only quick, but concise as well.”
R. Nolan of Chicago — March 2008

“They look great! Thanks for everything!”
Sarah N. of Marion, Indiana — February 2008

“Sets came out perfect. I’ve been looking at his site ever since I played on one of his sets while tailgating at comiskey (us cellular field) last summer. Finally ordered and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!”
Frank Z. of Seattle, Washington — March 2008

“thanks. I’ve told quite a few people about you…”
Ramsey of Chicago — August 2007

“It all worked out well – we got to use the sets this weekend. Very nice. Thanks a lot.”
Zach of Chicago — August 2007

“The cousins loved the sets, I got an e-mail before I left from their mother saying that they had a tournament with them in their backyard. Everyone loves customized stuff. Thanks again for doing them so quickly!”
Peter of Chicago — August 2007

“We went camping this weekend and played quite a bit. Everything was great. Thanks again. I will give your card to any of my buddies who are in the market…”
Mike of Chicago — August 2007

“Great job on the boards! They were a perfect birthday present for my husband! The custom personalization has generated many compliments from family and friends. They look even better in person than on the website.”
Dave and Jennifer J of Chicago — June 2007

“Just wanted to say how much my buddy loved the set you made! The all black ink looks so bad ass and clean and slick. I really appreciate what an amazing job you did, especially considering the difficulty of the logo and the short notice. This whole experience has been an absolute pleasure and you are the very model of professionalism. Thanks again dude.”
Mike of Chicago — July 2007

“Yes, I do like the set. I also appreciate you dropping it off for me. The construction is great as well as the custom paint job. I have a feeling I will be using it for years to come, thanks again”
Chris C. of Lakeview in Chicago — July 2007

“Derrick- I got to play with the set for the first time last night. It’s really durable, and the logos look awesome! Thanks again!”
Pat M. of Milwaukee, WI — July 2007

“The set arrived perfectly !!! Looks great! Thanks again Derrick!”
Ron of Gilbert, Arizona — June 2007

“Hey Derrick, The boards got a lot of use over the last week. They look great! Thanks again for the quick delivery and hard work.”
Tim F. of Winchester, Oregon — June 2007

“hey Derrick – everything went well and it seems like we have a couple of good sets – looking forward to the weekend”
Bill of Chicago — June 2007

“…love the set we played at lunch today with that set you made very nice.”
Mark O. of Chicago — June 2007

“Derrick…got em, love em. Thanks so much!”
Mike Gunderson of North Chicago — June 2007

“We did play a lot this weekend and the set was incredible. Very solid set. My dad loved it too. The perfect Father’s Day gift. Your paint job looked really good. I especially liked the 1980s Sux logo you threw on the one board.
Thanks for getting the set made in such short notice. I was amazed with quality of the set given the fact that I requested the set only a day or two before I wanted to pick it up.”
Micah of Downtown Chicago — Father’s Day 2007

“The boards are really sharp and the quality of the craftsmanship is just what i was looking for– there are way too many guys out there selling questionable cornhole boards; I’m sure you know. Thanks a lot for working with me on customizing my boards. You built me a pretty classy lookin tailgate set; the burnt wooden sides gave it the unique quality i was hoping for. I’ve already suggested your website to several others. Thanks again, man. “
Dennis of Oak Park, IL — June 2007

“Thank you so much. I will be sure to tell friends who are looking for bags sets about you.”
Noah of Prospect Heights, IL — May 2007

“yo man yea its been working out great. thanks again and if anyone inquires i will definitely send them your way”
Todd of Chicago — May 2007

“Yo D, thanks for the pronto hook-up with the bags right be 4 Memorial Day weekend man, we had a blast using them bro.”
Vinny of Rosemont, IL — May 2007

“I got great use out of the boards this weekend. Everything went great. You make a great product”
Mike of South Chicago — May 2007

“The set is great. We’ve been playing after work and it’s a great way to unwind.“
Inbum of Chicago — May 2007

“Thanks again for the boards. I finally got to use them this past weekend and they are great.”
Dave of Northwest Indiana — May 2007

“Everything is fantastic. Everyone is really impressed with your work. Thanks again.”
Lauren of Hanover Park, IL — August 2007

“Yes, we are completely happy with the two sets you built us. The pride you claim to take it your work really shows…We’ll spread the word.”
John F. — May 2007

“Really nice job with the design, and quick turnaround! Very accommodating.”
Peter S. of Chicago — April 2007

“Derrick – Bags are great! We played as soon as I made it home. Boards play awesome and the accommodations that were made for pickup and everything were perfect for last weekend. They were a hit leading up to the Dela Hoya / Mayweather fight. Thanks again!”
Mike K. of Addison, IL — May 2007

“The bag set is awesome! i had SO much fun with the set on sunday. The quality described on your website is true to word. i would recommend your product to anyone, no question…Thanks again for driving it out”
Carly W. of Chicago — May 2007

“Hey Derrick, The set is perfect. We had a great time last weekend playing… Thanks…”
Lana E. of Chicago — April 2007

“Derrick: Thanks for hustling to get those boards done! They will work fine…The fact that you have them essentially in stock and are willing to deliver them quickly is a huge advantage for you! Good Luck!
Chad M. of Chicago — April 2007

“Thank you for the cornhole set we enjoy it almost every weekend….and your level of professionalism and customer service was extraordinary…even though we missed each other one night and you were going on vacation the next morning you still had them delivered to me downtown….Thank you!”
Ashley L. of Downtown Chicago — March 2007

“…its been awesome outside! We’ve played like 3 times already and love them…you did a great job and my friend is probably going to email you for a Cubs set. Thanks man.”
Mike of Wrigleyville Chicago — March 2007

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