Our Sewing Machine

The sewing of our cornhole bags is just as important as the building and customizing of our cornhole boards – what’s a good set of boards without a good set of bags? We didn’t just decide to utilizing a sewing machine that was sitting around someone’s house, we obtained a machine whose sole purpose is to produce cornhole bags that were worthy to provide to our customers and also live up to the warranty we wanted to provide.

Our sewing machine is a heavy duty grade sewing machine made by Juki. It isn’t just any basic $100 sewing machine you can buy at any department store. We went to a local Singer service warehouse and test drove dozens of machines until we found the right one. We gave the Juki a test run with some leather an employee gave us. I folded it over, and the Juki sewed right through it. Folded it over again, not a problem. We folded it over once more and this time the hunk of leather was nearly 1/2″ thick. We crammed the massive thickness of leather under the needle and it stitched right though it like a hot knife through butter. We immediately knew that this was the one for us. We are still shocked and awed by it’s power and speed.

It only has a straight stitch function – no frills like button holes makers, patterned seams, zigzags, digital displays, etc, etc. – it makes strong, straight, and most importantly, even stitches. Go look at your strongest pair of jeans, the leather in your car, the upholstery on your couch, your sleeping bags, your tents and awnings and anything else that you can think of that’s durable. None of them utilize “zig-zag” or “back-pedal” stitching. They all have straight stitching because it’s the strongest when done right.

The machine has a heavy duty, elliptical motion feed system on it to “feed” the fabric through the machine while sewing. This feature in addition to the immense force the presser foot produces makes sure the fabric is being pulled at a constant speed throughout operation. This not only make the stitches look nicer, it makes their spacing even. Sure people can double, triple or even quadruple their seams…but each time they make a pass at the seam, they are just punching more holes into the fabric.

Too many holes isn’t good. Think of a notebook with perforated pages; those pages tear right out because there are tons of tiny holes forming an easy-tear seam. Now, do you want cornhole bags with such a seam? Our machine pulls the fabric so evenly that the second pass of stitching utilizes the same stitch holes made on the first pass. This results in having the same amount of holes as a single pass, but twice the thread – that’s a double-seam. On top of that, our Nylon Thread is stronger than the thread a standard machine can accommodate.

The machine may look like a lightweight plastic machine, but it isn’t. This machine is all steel and weighs nearly 50lbs. It sews 1,500 stitches per minute.

Though it is an industrial machine, it actually has a commercial bobbin case (commercial machines are stronger than industrial). This means our machine can accommodate heavy duty nylon thread with an 11-pound tensile strength. Since they’re double seamed, each individual stitch can more withstand any beating that playing cornhole can inflict. Commercial nylon won’t fit in any residential machine. Those little spools that say “heavy duty” at your local hobby shop probably isn’t the same thing.

A sewing machine is a tool. It takes good tools to create good products. Do your one-dollar kitchen knives work as well as your thirty-dollar kitchen knives? Does a hundred-dollar suit look as good as a thousand-dollar suit? Does two-dollar makeup work as well as eighty-dollar makeup? The answer to all the questions above is NO. No one’s $100 department store machine can stitch as well as our heavy duty machine. You get what you pay for.

We have the skills, shop space, tools, pride, and experience to produce top-quality custom cornhole sets. Also, if you haven’t already, check out our testimonials page.

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