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Since opening shop back in 2006, we have acquired a number of Awards and earned much Recognition. We look forward to expanding our reputation and further establishing our brand – derricksmash.

Cornhole: Throwing Bags In a Hole

Cornhole, the book, was written by Mark Rogers. We are mentioned in the book several times. We are not only listed in the appendix as a builder that “…makes the cut”, but the “derricksmash story” also has a one and a half page write-up on our beginnings as quoted below:

“A Builder’s Story – Derrick Smash” I got my first look at a Cornhole board in 2003, at the University of Illinois. A fellow Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brother showed up one weekend with a set. I had never seen one before. He said, “these things are all over Minooka!” – Monooka, Illinois being his home town. At first, I ridiculed and mocked the game – but after reluctantly bearing through a few games, i was hooked. The game lay dormant in my life for a few years; playing it when it was around, once in a while playing in bar tournaments.

In April 2006, I found myself constrained to a wheelchair after a motorcycle wreck. I was stuck at home, and usually woke up every morning, ‘gently’ tossed my wheelchair off the front porch, hobbled down the stairs, and wheeled around to my garage to play with tools. Until this point in my life, I did not notice, but I had acquired quite a mechanic’s tool collection from many years of working and messing around with cars. Seeing as i couldn’t really crawl under a car for the time being, i busted out some tools that were sitting around and started working with wood. I built myself a workbench to accommodate the height of a wheelchair and just started to build stuff to kill time.

Come August, i was still confined to a wheelchair. I received an invitation to a wedding down in Springfield, Illinois. I figured making him a Cornhole set would be a pretty nifty idea. I got a buddy of mine to lug me over to the hardware store to buy a sheet of plywood and dimensional lumber. A week or four later, I had completed two full sets – one for the bride & groom and one for myself. My friends and I brought both of them down to the wedding. i presented the bride & groom their present the following day at brunch. They loved it, and one of their family members told me he would buy the other set. Sold. by February, I was out of the wheelchair and had already acquired several jigs and patterns for mass production. Being in physical therapy four days a week defenitely gave me enough time to play out in the shop. Over 1000 boards later, here I am, still customizing boards. And that’s how it all began.” (Rogers 139, 140)

“Down and Dirty” interview w/ Frank Fontana

The Down and Dirty radio show with Frank Fontana (host of HGTV’s Design on a Dime) focuses on the “Do-It-Yourself” mentality. On June 19th, 2011, Derrick Pugh, owner of, was invited to appear as a featured guest on the show. The one hour show broadcast LIVE to nearly severl hundred thousand viewers and listeners. We record at the Craftsman Experience in downtown Chicago. Derrick, Frank, and the rest of the crew chatted about cornhole for about 20 minutes or so and even came to a conclusion on a design that they want on their very own cornhole set

And almost two years later – here is a video of our second appearance on June 29, 2013. Although it may be considered fairly overdue, we finally presented them their custom cornhole set!

* The Craftsman Experience is a one-of-a-kind venue that combines hand-on work stations, a live social media studio and project demonstrations that showcase the innovation and performance of Craftsman tools.

Excellent Review @

We have very positive reviews from Jeremy over at Cornhole Review. The review of our Custom Cornhole Boards focused on their individuality, attention to detail, accuracy and stunning outcome.

“It’s pretty hard not to love a set of boards that you helped design. If these boards didn’t make it to me exactly how I wanted them, I’d have only myself to blame. What I’m calling ‘The DerrickSmash Experience’ is second to none. You may not find the cheapest boards at, but you definitely get what you pay for. The boards are well made, and the designs are exactly what you want. If you’re looking for a set of boards that are so cool you’re going to feel guilty playing on them, you need to check out”

U I -7 Radio News @ Gregory Hall

Mallory Hewlitt from UI-7 Radio News down in Champaign, IL made a planned visit to our shop early one morning for an interview. We discussed the conception of and how we have managed to get to the point we are at today. She put her story together and it aired live on the on radio in Southern Illinois. Her story on us was a segment of a 1/2 hour radio show that focused on Entrepanuers all over the state.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Top Boards @

Cornhole Game Players, the Cornhole division of The Outdoor Game Players Network, is a one-stop cornhole information overload. The primary foundation of Cornhole Game Players is the Discussion Forum, where voting occurs every quarter of every year to determine a certain top number of Cornhole boards around the country. We consecutively receive these prestigious awards.

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